In 1998 the Christian Country Music world was introduced to the extraordinary talents of recording artist Pete Whitebird, a native American Chippewa Indian from Topeka, Kansas. That year, Pete burst onto the national radio scene with a string of smash hit radio singles, and quickly established himself as one of America’s top Christian Country singer-songwriters.

This unique artist is a genuine, down-to-earth man. Why is that so important? Because, in today’s society, folks are looking for someone who is real. Pete Whitebird IS real. He understands the working man, the pain of broken families and addiction, because he has been there. Ask him to tell you about his life and you will find a man who has not just overcome life’s obstacles, but has overcome them with God-given style, and is able to communicate real life answers in the message and ministry of his songs.

Has life always been a bed of roses for Pete? Certainly not. At a young age, Pete’s mother and alcoholic father divorced, and both would marry two more times while he was growing up. He had plenty of opportunities to run with the wrong crowd and could easily have ended up like so many others who come from the disillusionment of broken families.

Like his dad, he would struggle with alcohol addiction after going through a divorce himself. But, God’s amazing grace prevailed. Although he never experienced a real father-son relationship with any of his earthly dads while he was growing up in Northeast Kansas, God became his heavenly Father when he gave his life to Christ in 1973 while on a deer hunting trip in Arkansas. Later in life, God would make it possible for him to establish a close relationship with Pete senior. In fact, he led his dad to faith in Jesus just three short years before he died with cancer in 1995.

Though Pete is proud of his Native American Indian heritage, he will tell you that he has found his true, eternal identity in Jesus Christ through a “new birth” and his study of the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.

Yes, Pete has been there, so he understands the heartaches that life can bring, and God has used the pain in his life to make him a wiser, humbler man. “Everybody you know, gets up every day trying to find completeness in life. Of course, we know who, not what, that is. It’s a person, Jesus Christ,” says Pete.

He struggled with feeling complete himself until he met Jesus. Pete still pursues God today and has learned that, “living complete in life is simply living in a love relationship with God through the life of Christ that has become my own life.” God delivered him from alcohol addiction and set his life on a new course when he and his wife Judy were married.

In 1994, Pete answered God’s call to pastor a church, and for the next five years, they pastored Trinity Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. In 1999, they went full-time with his music and evangelism ministry. Because of his background, some of his achievements would have appeared impossible, even a few short years ago, but Pete will tell you that when you are in God’s special place for you, things that appear unattainable begin to happen in your life.

Consider that he has had sixteen chart-topping Christian Country radio hits, TWELVE soaring all the way to NUMBER ONE.

Recognized across America and internationally by fans and fellow artists alike, Pete has received many awards and nominations. Yet, he is driven, not by these accomplishments, but by his love for ministry. His music reflects “true life” from God’s perspective, and he has learned to communicate it humbly and accurately

Pete says, “It’s amazing how much power music has. It not only moves the mind and emotions but, in God’s hand, it moves the spirit to abundant, eternal life. That is why music is so effective in ministry.” Pete’s songs have real life impact because Pete is genuine. And, his music is genuine because God has shaped his music as he has shaped his character in Christ.


“In the course of my ministry there have been people that have intersected my path and have left such a favorable impression on me that I simply had to tell others about them and their unique gifts. Such a person is Pete Whitebird. It is truly a privilege to commend to you the unique ministry of this very talented and gifted artist.

In the world of Christian Country Music, Pete Whitebird has few rivals as a songwriter/performer of music that is truly “tied” to the Word of God. He communicates the gospel with clarity and power that has instant appeal to country music lovers, and a growing appeal to anyone who rejoices in the clear, positive proclamation of the Gospel.

Pete is an artist whose main interest is ministry through the medium of country music. His personal testimony, coupled with his firm grasp of Biblical truths, all combine for a presentation that stirs the hearts of believers, and speaks to the nonbeliever with simplicity and drawing power. Your church, or special group, will truly be blessed by his communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ken James, Director of Evangelism, Director of Discipleship Training, Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

Pete is a family man:

He and Judy have four talented children who have sung background vocals on all of his recording projects. The apples don’t fall far from the tree. He loves including them in his ministry. He is a member of the MCCF (Music City Christian Fellowship) and the CCMA (Christian Country Music Association) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pete takes his cross-denominational, God-ordained, music and preaching ministry to churches, rodeos, fairs, prisons, drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and other special events across America. You’ll find that this artist, with a “Pastor’s heart,” communicates the Gospel in a warm, uplifting way, and you’ll enjoy his down home, humorous country style, as you laugh at the antics of Pete’s Arkansas, hillbilly cousin character, “Bubba Burks.”

“My calling is not to make music, or to simply entertain, but to communicate the true life message of Jesus Christ as a minister of the Gospel. Music is a vehicle that allows me to cross barriers that would not otherwise be open to me. I want what I do to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe that my ministry, like my life, is in the person of Jesus Christ, and whether it is through music or not, I’ll always have ministry to do as long as I have Him as my life.”

The future looks bright for this down to earth, real life artist with a heart for people.